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We register the following domains: .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, .cn, .tv, .cc, .name, .mobi, .asia, .hk,,,, .vn,,,,,,,.sg,.ph,,,, .jp, .in,, .kr,,.tw, .co.

Common International Domains 
.COM (1 YEAR): $24.95
.COM.AU (2 YEARS): $59.95
.NET (1 YEAR): $24.95
.NET.AU (2 YEARS): $59.95
.ORG (1 YEAR): $24.95
.ORG.AU (2 YEARS): $29.95
.BIZ (1 YEAR): $24.95
.CO (1 YEAR): $69.95

Whilst our competitors keep trying to be the cheapest domain provider, we can do better, we’ll just give you various domains for FREE! when you sign up with any of our hosting plans for a two year period. Even when renewing, pay upfront for 2 years and we’ll renew your domain for free.

Registering International Domains

International names like .COM, .CO, .BIZ, .NET, .INFO and .ORG have no restrictions, anyone can register any domain name, regardless of their rights to that domain name.

Register an international domain name for your company / business, industry sector, town name, family name or products which you sell.

We have over 65 domains available for you to choose.

Registering Australian Domains

.COM.AU and .NET.AU domain names can only be registered by commercial entities, such as companies and businesses who have registration with the Australian Office of Fair Trading.

.ORG.AU domains are reserved only for charities and non-profit organisations.

.AU.COM Domain names are policy free, anyone can register any domain name.

Register Several .AU Domain Names for your Business

New Rules for Australian domain registrations allows you to register more than one domain name for your company or business. For example if you already have a domain name registered like, you can register so that it is easier for customers to remember. It is a good idea to protect all possible domain names which relate to your service as your competition could possibly beat you to it. If you would like to know about any other domain extensions not listed, we can send you information or point you in the right direction, simply contact us and one of our helpful customer service representatives will assist you with your question.

At we register all domain names, both International and Australia wide. We have a list of the most common names on this page. You are more than welcome to contact us for any other domain names and we can quote and register them for you if you are happy for us to proceed.